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Back Lash Podcast

Brad and Carrie Hoppe from Musky Mayhem Tackle llc in joint effort with the creator Jeff Widmann from Team Rhino Outdoors have teamed up to bring the public a new podcast dedicated to anglers whole have the passion to chase anything that swims. We being from the musky world will always lean towards the esox species but will in time explore other species because we believe we can all learn new techniques from other styles and species.
Let’s get into exactly what Backlash Podcast wants to deliver.
First off we plan on interviewing guests that range from entry level anglers to professional fisherman. We believe that every angler can bring something to the table. With this being said we plan on exploring a whole array of techniques and tips to make your time on the water more successful. The real goal is to bring interesting information, entertainment as well as higher level detail to the angler.
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