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Musky Mayhem Tackle LLC is owned and operated by semi-retired professional musky guide Brad Hoppe and his wife Carrie. In 2003 the team started with prototypes of the first showgirl. Musky Mayhem Tackle wanted to create something different in the inline spinner bait world. Carrie started with the concept of using Flashabou, and instead of a regular bucktail-type skirt she used the idea of a bass skirt. The Flashabou breathes incredibly under water and gathers more light, thus increasing attractant levels.

The first bait successfully assembled went on a trip with Brad to one of his "Big Fish Spots". And a big fish it was. It was Brad's largest fish at the time, a 53.5" monster. Brad's first thoughts were "Is it a fluke?" No new bait can produce like that on its demo run, can it?" But with guide trial runs from multiple pro guides and other Musky Mayhem Tackle pro-staff, Brad and Carrie released their products to the public in January 2005, and their feet haven't hit the ground since. The team, with help from others, has developed ten individual baits that are now available in many color concepts.

What sets the Showgirls and Cowgirls apart from the other great bucktails has to be the total design package. With durability, underwater vibration and life-like breathable action, the baits have consistently grown to be the bait of big fish. The skirts are tied with a variety of colored Flashabou. Our staff spends multiple hours on the water testing color combo's and finding the perfect colors for all types of water, from dark stained lakes to crystal clear bodies of water. Our pro-staff has you covered.

Musky Mayhem tackle LLC would like to thank all of the Musky nuts who help support the sport of musky fishing.

Good Luck on the Water and God Bless!

Brad and Carrie